NEW YORK | 43-30 24th Street | 703 FT | 66 FLOORS


I think if LIC continues at this pace, 700 ft will be a filler. For now though, this will stand out no doubt. In 2022, it might not. Wasn’t to long ago that 500 ft was tall for Brooklyn, now, its a mid rise. :wink:

I’m glad that we have this flurry lately of 600+ footers being revealed. Always a good sign.



Design is OK, but looks like it will block some of the views for Linc LIC.


This one is now under demo!



Great update JC


Warehouse nearly cleaned up. Should start digging up soon.


Great update bro!


This warehouse had some political messages on the roof that were visible from the 7 train.



The lot is completely cleared now . No digging yet though.



This morning



Im pretty sure that steel is for a small hotel next door and is not part of this project.


small commercial project next door


the small building on site is topped out. Hopefully we’ll get news of the huge rental tower that will rise here eventually. Depending on when it starts, it could claim the title of tallest building in Queens and LIC