NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 860 FT | 42 FLOORS


I agree. It seems that they’ve been removing floors on the lower levels to make them double height.




if you look carefully, you can see the new columns between the existing framing.



^ I really loved Zaha Hadid’s design. Would have been epic if built, especially since she’s passed away.


they still havent started the concrete core. long way to go here.


ya, would love to see it on the far west side or something, a little too flashy for park avenue IMO




You can now see new load bearing steel columns embedded into old structure.


Of the first 10 floors in your first pic, that will eventually just be 4 floors! They will eventually take out those first 2 lower floors and create a large open air plaza/entrance. After that, every other floor will have to come out to create those huge double height floors.

The tops of those new columns remind me of work at 1MW and 30HY with those huge angular joints. Those will support those cool angled support columns from the middle section of the tower.

After all the foster hate lately, I assume we can mostly agree that this tower will be awesome!

Here are some renders from above which show the plaza/entrance with the removed floors and the angled columns between the setbacks/breaks in the building


Great posts, ILNY and JC


Jan 6


From the onsite webcam… much more progress than I thought… it’s so setback that progress is barely visible from the street


Great update, Street



This heinous PoS must come down.


5 Brayant park (below) reminds me so much of the previous building here.


You’re right



The pos at 400 Park really needs to be redeveloped. A condo would be perfect here.

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February 1st, 2017

(Taken with Cellphone)


Nice shots, NYCD.