NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 860 FT | 42 FLOORS



Great find! Source?


The Pearl of Park Avenue!



Via construction cam


Extra shot via cam (happened to pan upwards)



Lots of pics from the topping out:



From today


Look what they installed today- the first set of window frames in the diagrid!


This tower does not emulate J Lo. Its rear end is heinous,


I think it’s okay. In this day and age I think I’m thankful to have a blank wall as a lot wall and not a street-facing wall.


It also beats the exposed concrete walls I’ve seen on some older buildings. Whenever I see one of those (I’m guessing that’s where the core is), I wonder two things- one, why didn’t they cover it up with glass the way 277 Park Avenue did, and why not do something with all that exposed concrete or masonry? When I see those huge blank walls running the whole height of a skyscraper, I just want to give the poor towers some body art! Seriously, those walls would look so cool with painted murals of some kind.