NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 860 FT | 42 FLOORS



Great find! Source?


The Pearl of Park Avenue!



Via construction cam


Extra shot via cam (happened to pan upwards)



Lots of pics from the topping out:



From today


Look what they installed today- the first set of window frames in the diagrid!


This tower does not emulate J Lo. Its rear end is heinous,


I think it’s okay. In this day and age I think I’m thankful to have a blank wall as a lot wall and not a street-facing wall.


It also beats the exposed concrete walls I’ve seen on some older buildings. Whenever I see one of those (I’m guessing that’s where the core is), I wonder two things- one, why didn’t they cover it up with glass the way 277 Park Avenue did, and why not do something with all that exposed concrete or masonry? When I see those huge blank walls running the whole height of a skyscraper, I just want to give the poor towers some body art! Seriously, those walls would look so cool with painted murals of some kind.


And here comes another one:


Here’s a daytime shot- now I know why there are gaps in the windows above that open diagrid floor.




Here come two more, things are moving along now!



THat pos across the street should be razed and replaced with a hotel/condo by RAMSA.