NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 860 FT | 42 FLOORS


It’s great to see this tower rise.

To me it probably has some of the best and smoothest glass on any new building.


Yea but i’m bummed they are using shiny stainless steel for those vertical exterior columns. That has go to be my least favorite building material. I looks terribly tacky.

Still way better than what was there before though. If all those 50’s buildings in the same style were replaced I would be so happy. Worst architectural style ever. Even worse that brutalism.


I agree. If there is one thing I antagonize it’s those disgusting Roth style setback buildings. Come to think of it, other than the old WTC7 and maybe the MetLife Building, I can’t think of any Roth buildings that look remotely good off the top of my head.

The only setback style buildings from the 50s and 60s I really like are 80 Pine Street and 60 Broad Street (which is one of my favorite 60s buildings)




one more to add, starting to show up further down park ave


I’m hoping the fins at the top truly illuminate at night. Can’t wait to see that happen.


Oh you actually like those 50’s/60’s wedding cake buildings (like 80 Pine Street)? I think we might have to disagree there. Those are my least favorite buildings.

What do you like about them?


Emery Roth and Sons. They were the firm behind some okay minimalist 40s buildings, but are known for being behind all of those horrendous 1950s-60s modernist boxes that still followed the setback rule.

Such are these:

What I meant there was that 80 Pine and 60 Broad were the only 2 of them that I liked. I find them absolutely disgusting. If there was a purge then rather than killing I would get a jackhammer and finish all of these off myself.


Haha got ya. Yea those can get replaced tomorrow. They arn’t tall and have a large footprint so these as prime development opportunities. Especially the one next to the Woolworth.

You have any idea how many of these there are in total? I keep looking all over to find an infographic that shows the percentages of what era most of Manhattan buildings were built. No such luck so far.


Not too sure, but I’d guess that they make up a pretty good percentage of the city since I tend to see these damn things everywhere. They’re like mosquitoes.


October 16th:

Top of The Rock 10/16/18 by Gene M., on Flickr

This thing is really moving guys. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!! :smiley:


While I’m not the biggest fan of the buildings IHateUSSteel posted, I can think of some Roth buildings that I love- 277 Park Avenue and 1290 6th Avenue both have setbacks, but they make them work. I also like 345 Park, it’s a respectful neighbor to Seagram. As for 425, this one is coming along beautifully, I hope like hell that they’re going to illuminate those fins too!




I personally do like 277 Park, the old 7WTC and the Metlife Building. They did okay, but the random copycat setback things around leave a bad mark.

This one is a great tower. The fins, the glass, and the setbacks look pretty great.


more photos in link