NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 860 FT | 42 FLOORS


Based on the renderings I would have assumed the cladding would be a bit whiter–similar to One Vanderbilt.

The coloring makes it look a bit dated–which fits on Park Avenue.


I’m here for it! The color reminds me a little of 100 Park Avenue, which is also a Kahn and Jacobs building (425 was originally designed by Kahn and Jacobs). I’m liking the blue-grey glass and reflective silver columns. If the coloring looks a bit dated, it seems that they want it to fit in with Park Avenue, while still being modern.
I noticed the triangular grooves on the columns, I hope they will eventually light up like the rendering video, that would be all kinds of bad-ass.


Could be a lot better, like Zaha’s masterpiece proposal for this site. Still, this tower is nice, though not remarkable (Zaha’s addition to the High Line is the definition of remarkable, and is easily the most photographed building on the HL.)


Credit: FC


I hope this project is successful so a lot of the other mediocre boxes on Park Ave get replaced as well. I’d love to see the Colgate-Palmolive building demo’d.


I think that Colgate is the next to go. I think its lease expires in the early 2020s. It should be a condo/five-star hotel.



lovely update!


via construction cam




Looking good! I guess they’re gonna fill in those gaps in the floorplates when the yellow crane comes down.



via construction cam




Thanks for the updates :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see this one finished, it’s looking fabulous!





Core: 42 floors, 89%
Steel: 29 floors, 62%