NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 860 FT | 42 FLOORS


finally making its way past the height of its neighbors now


looks like they’re prepping for the next set back


Great shots, Oppi.


1 more floor of core and some other progress



20180620-Southeast View

20180620-Southeast View

20180620-Southeast View

20180620-Northwest View

From construction cam on




The pace seems to have picked up a bit


Great pics, thanks! I was in NYC a year ago today, and this building has come so far since then, it’s amazing.

Here’s a pic from my last visit- the building was still wearing its shroud, even:


The removal of all those floors was impressive.

I also noticed the glass facade on the building so far looks way more green like the lever house than the renderings which show it more as clear and dark grey/black.


I’m liking this glass skin, to me it looks somewhat greenish blue. I’ll be interested to see what it looks like when the whole building is a little less naked. I hope the curtain wall gets moving quickly now that they’ve started, it’s not a good look to have the building standing there all starkers like that.


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Core: 29/42, 69%
Steel: 22/42, 52%


I think once they’ve got this next transfer floor (or whatever they’re calling these floors with the diagonal columns) done, the rest of the building should go up pretty damn quickly. The floors after are smaller for one thing, and less complicated.


Somebody should get back to the site with a camera, looks like there’s more curtain wall going on, as well as the first piece of what I’m guessing is silver sheathing over the vertical columns. If the webcam is any indication it’s shiny as hell, very nice looking.




If anyone gets down to the site, it looks like a lot more curtain wall is happening, according to the webcams. And if the rendering is accurate, looks like the core has another 9 or 10 floors to go. I can’t believe that this building was still a sad little stump wearing its shroud the last time I saw it up close!


Core: 35/42, 83%
Steel is still on the same floor


From tonight via construction cam



This looks good. Foster usually sucks, and I wish that he’d drop his BS about paying homage to 1960s New York. Someone should inform him that we’re in 2018 – not 1960. In any event, it could have been worse (e.g., 50 HY, 50 UN Plaza, 610 Lex., etc). He should stay in London.