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New Design: 414 West 15th Street

414 West 15th Street

Plans for a new hotel at 414 West 15th Street have undergone a major shift, and Stonehill & Taylor has been replaced by CetraRuddy as the site’s design architect. With construction now beginning, new on-site renderings offer the first glimpse at the building’s re-conception, and the departure from the initial design appears dramatic. The site’s developers are The Rockpoint Group, Highgate Holdings, and Meilman Family Real Estate, per The Real Deal.

Previous posts on YIMBY had reveals of the Stonehill & Taylor design, though none of the images came close to its depiction in today’s post on 430 West 15th Street, which incorporated the former vision for 414 West 15th Street. The old plan for the building was relatively demure, though any high-rise in The Meatpacking is going to draw some attention, given the neighborhood’s generally low-rise nature.

Old version of 414 West 15th Street via Stonehill & Taylor

The CetraRuddy re-design of the site remains somewhat mysterious, and a simple profile is all that’s posted on-site, but the building’s form has undergone a relatively radical shift, morphing from a simple tower into a structure with staggered setbacks. Zoning diagrams are lacking, but it appears that the new concept’s base will be flush with the sidewalk, before the ‘tower’ portion retreats away from the street as it begins to rise.

Permits for 414 West 15th Street indicate it will stand 25 stories and 285 feet tall, with a total of 158 rooms spanning 108,979 square feet. The Schedule A reveals a host of occupants for the base, including a restaurant and several ‘drinking establishments,’ while the third floor will have several terraces; an additional event space will be located on the rooftop.

414 West 15th Street — foundation work resumes

Completion of the project is expected in the summer of 2016, and partial job permits were issued in March; workers are now active on the already-poured foundation, and progress finally appears imminent.


Revealed: 414 West 15th Street


414 West 15th Street, images by CetraRuddy

YIMBY has the first detailed look at the hotel coming to 414 West 15th Street, with new renderings offering a significantly better view compared to the bare-boned drawing attached to the site’s construction fencing. CetraRuddy is designing the 25-story and 285-foot building, which is about to begin rising across the street from Chelsea Market, between 9th and 10th Avenues.

The tower will be defined by casement windows and a simple facade, which appears to be composed of grey brick. Aesthetically, the project echoes the Viceroy on 57th Street, presenting another rare opportunity for a legitimately attractive hotel development in Manhattan. With 158 rooms and several event spaces — including one on the rooftop — the development will likely become a neighborhood destination.

414 West 15th Street, image by CetraRuddy

While the Viceroy does not impact the overall skyline, 414 West 15th Street will actually be somewhat significant, given its low-rise surrounds; views from the tower’s southern perspectives will be especially comprehensive. Chelsea Market was the subject of vicious rhetoric surrounding height, yet unbeknownst to the NIMBYs, an even taller development could be built as-of-right across the street.

This illustrates one of the chief problems with project-specific re-zonings, which are typically subject to inane opposition that ultimately hinders the growth of New York City. Luckily for 414 West 15th Street, the consequence of all the adjacent restrictions will be unobstructed views in every direction. Unfortunately, these limitations are precisely why rents in Manhattan — for both commercial and residential properties — are spiraling out of control.

The Meatpacking remains severely underzoned for its true capacity, and as the neighborhood is serviced by several trains — including the A, C, E, L, 1, 2, and 3 lines — it deserves the density it could easily support. 414 West 15th Street is a step in this direction, but barring sufficient political courage, the rest of the 14th Street corridor will remain underutilized.

Per on-site signage, CetraRuddy’s latest creation — developed by The Rockpoint Group, Highgate Holdings, and Meilman Family Real Estate – will be completed in the summer of 2016.


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Almost complete. Still working a bit on the far west side near street level but practically complete now.




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