NEW YORK | 401 West 31st Street (The Eugene) | 702 FT | 64 FLOORS


The Eugene…


Name change?



As of last week they were still working on the facade near the front entrance.


I agree, NYC. I never liked it.


what was wrong with “3 manhattan west”? “The Eugene” seems a lot less marketable…


Today I went up those stairs in the picture above to the plaza that will connect all the buildings of the Manhattan West complex (It’s not open but there was nothing obstructing the stairs so I moseyed on up there)

FW4A6693 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6694 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6704 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6723 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6705-Pano by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6712 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6714 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6709-Pano by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A6724 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


With this complex, the Hudson Yards, and the High Line, the far west side is gonna be magical in the next few years. So many cutaways, hidden angles, immaculate public spaces everywhere, retail, restaurants, art pieces and sculptures… a world unto its own all in the context of the craziness of the NYC streets adjacent and below


Wow great shots and nice preview.




A 60k square ft whole foods is coming to 5 Manhattan west


Ugh… So mediocre (low-budget, austere One57 wannabe) compared to the towers being built around. Such a wasted opportunity, but Brookfield wanted whatever as fast as possible. SOM and SLCE Architects should be embarrassed for this. Related’s Hudson Yards will forever eclipse this Canadian investment.


So much glass.


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I’ll move this to complete.


Nearby neighbor, 5 Manhattan west.


I wonder if they will start the hotel (mw4?) soon.


So much glass.


3 Manhattan West (The Eugene)