NEW YORK | 401 West 31st Street (The Eugene) | 702 FT | 64 FLOORS








Crane coming down



This came out great. Gives us some foresight to just how dominant 1 and 2 MW will be. At 702 ft, even 3 MW impacts the area dramatically.


Taken yesterday


3mw is the far right in the last pic


How the site changed



Taken 6/17

They are working on making that breezeway nicer next door at 5mw. Anyone know for sure if they will connect this breezeway to the highline through that 10hy extension? Would be pretty cool if so.


according to this map from their website it will not. They also list it in the “short walk to” category on the right side.






Nice shots, bleak!!





Took these yesterday. Only a few more floors of glass to go.


The bulky nature of this tower really makes it seem larger than it really is.


and the fact there is only 1 other tall tower in the area that is bulky too. This tower is going to be totally overwelmed once PH I and Manhattan West 1+2 are in.