NEW YORK | 4 World Trade Center | 977 FT | 65 FLOORS


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4 World Trade Center


Official Name: Four World Trade Center
Complex Name: World Trade Center
Type: building
Status: Topped Out
Country: United States
State : New York
City: New York City
Street Address: 150 Greenwich Street (Map)
Building Function: office
Structural Material: composite
Energy Label: LEED Gold
Proposed: 2006
Start of Construction: 2008
Completion: 2014
Official Website: Four World Trade Center


Height: Architectural: 297.7 meter / 977 feet
Height: Occupied: 279.9 meter / 918 feet
Height: To Tip: 297.7 meter / 977 feet
Height: Observatory: 218.0 meter / 715 feet
Floors Above Ground: 65
Floors Below Ground: 4
Tower GFA: 232,258 m² / 2,500,004 ft²

Companies Involved

Developer: Silverstein Properties


Design: Maki and Associates
Architect of Record: Adamson Associates
Structural Engineer: Leslie E. Robertson Associates
Design: Augustine DiGiacomo, Scott Frank, Partners; Jaros Baum & Bolles

Other Consultants

Code: Code Consultants Professional Engineers, PC
LEED: S.D. Keppler & Associates, LLC
Security: Ducibella Venter & Santore

Current Progress


June 15


Construction Update: The World Trade Center


150 Greenwich Street, aka Four World Trade Center

150 Greenwich Street, aka Four World Trade Center






Eataly opening August 11th


In case anyone missed the article. Cool to see the first fully leased tower in the complex :slight_smile:


This is great news for the new WTC!
Especially for 4WTC! ^^


Thought this was a cool pic of a lounge area inside the building



A Blue Bottle Cafe is opening this summer in the store front facing the memorial, behind the little circle fountain at 4 WTC.


Random observation: This gorgeous tower has been open for almost 4 years now yet it has never been fully cleaned yet. In fact only the east face has been mostly cleaned. What’s going on with Silverstein? Not only is the PA neglecting cleaning Tower 1 but Silverstein can’t be bothered to clean Tower 4? Will these towers ever sparkle and shine like they deserve to? Only fully clean one is 7 WTC. Come on guys!


This drives me crazy whenever I’m over there. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for them to clean these windows…
I think that most buildings’ glass isn’t so liable to filthiness for some reason, or it’s less noticeable at least, and the operators of these buildings don’t know how to act accordingly

It’s especially irksome because Tower 7 is being regularly maintained by Silverstein, and the equipment on T4 appears to be intact so there is no reason they shouldn’t clean it. Is it really that expensive? It’s not too complicated of a job…

As for Tower 1, the dirt is way more noticeable and meanwhile they keep these holes in the buildings which they use every once in a while to replace broken panes while allowing the rest to remain filthy. The buildings actually look atrocious under the right lighting conditions…


Agreed. These towers are treated like shit. It’s acrually disturbing at this point. T4 has no issues with its rigs. I’ve seen it come out and clean the same damn spot time and time again. What does it take to get them to give these towers a proper wash?! Especially Silverstein. There really is no excuse when he maintains 7. Price shouldn’t even be a factor. You wanted all glass towers? Now you need to keep up with them! We need a developer to take over the complex that will actually care for it. It’s sickening.


I think. 4 does a much better job of hiding its filth compared to 1. 1 basically looks abandoned on the west and east sides…

as I understand it, some of those panes haven’t been washed since they were manufactured in 2012. They’re a murky grayish color whereas the clean faces are the blue-sh mirror they are supposed to be

I mean, I don’t want to just go on a huge rant about this, but seriously, how difficult is it to clean windows? Even when 1’s BMUs worked, they’d clean like swaths maybe ten floors of one scaffold’s width, and then call it a day. At that rate, by the time the building was fully covered, more than half would already need cleaning again. Meanwhile, I’ve seen them clean a whole side of 7 in a few hours…

I wouldn’t put it past Durst to never replace the 1 BMUs. I mean, they literally removed every part of the equipment except for the part which was flawed, the rail system. Or, if they did replace them, just never actually use them…


Does anybody know what they are building on Liberty Street south of 4WTC? Are they installing some kind of permanent security checkpoint? The road is closed for weeks now and I was wondering what they are doing there. :thinking:


Where’s 4 WTC lol


You can see the outline of it. Looks like a sloppy photoshop job. Not sure what the point of editing it out was though


Lol I know. I was referring to how people said the windows are like morrors


Spotify expanded again within Tower 4…