NEW YORK | 390 Madison | 373 FT | 32 FLOORS


Lost track of this one,
cladding is taking it’s sweet time and it looks kind of cheap for the amount of time they are taking.
I hope the final product will be good.






That sucks. I hoped that Chase would anchor 2 WTC.


That would have been nice but this makes more sense for Chase since they have so much space across the street at 383 already.


That is not space befitting a financial behemoth like JPMC. It’s space worthy of an upper mid-level law firm like Hogan’s.

I presume that the King will not move into that mediocre space.





facade nearly there too bad they didn’t wait for the rezone!


I think L& L is an impressive developer… but my God their projects take FOREVER! Granted they are more complicated, but still!


one more floor of glass to go


Finally lol.


it will be very weird seeing this building and 400 Madison from park ave if 270 park is torn down.


Chase has already hired a construction team. 270 Park will be torn down shortly. You’ll be seeing 390 Mad from Park very soon.


Nice shot, Oppi.

That looks good.


ground floor is almost finished


Pic by me. Taken today.

The latest permit.

20181116_104709 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr