NEW YORK | 35 Hudson Yards | 1,009 FT | 72 FLOORS




Beautiful shot. I love how it appears straight ahead in the middle of the street.


Thank you.





Wow–finally a big building with a base, middle, and top that accentuate the height more than the bulk of the structure. Compared to 10 and 30 this one (and probably 15) are the best of the Hudson Yards area so far.


I agree, this is my favorite of the lot. The most beautiful building thus far at Hudson Yards.


It has some classic character to it.




This is my favorite tower in the HY complex. Its elegant, and really different when you think about it. Nothing like it in the city. Its facade is just magic. Has a touch of stienway in it.




This tower really is exceptional, and is also my favorite in the complex. It has a classic character to it as Tec points out, but is also ultra modern.

I perhaps like it the best because it is not blue glass, which is already overused and often times uninspired.



Pic by me. Taken today.

nyc21 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr



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