NEW YORK | 35 Hudson Yards | 1,009 FT | 72 FLOORS


They built a whole new subway stop right in the middle of it, and it’s walking distance from Penn Station. It’s a wonderful model for transit-oriented development.

If you choose to drive a private car in Manhattan, that’s on you. As a Manhattanite myself, I assure you that most of us don’t own cars. It’s just not how we get around. There will be increased delivery and taxi traffic around these new buildings, but 99% of the people living and working at Hudson Yards will arrive by means other than a private car.


I agree. I think the city needs to further initiatives such as Times Square redevelopment to further a pedestrian, public transportation model. As we all know, Manhattan has the least amount of car ownership in the country, there’s no reason to cater to driving at all.
This is why I’m a huge advocate for ripping out the FDR highway, and why I think HY is a great model for the future.

It still sucks to be stuck in traffic that long, though! I definitely feel your pain having lived in Northern VA :rage::pensive:


Long live effectively designed mass transit systems! The automobile industry can’t keep us from developing highly sophisticated commuter rails!!!


The best building in Hudson yards in my opinion




This should be real close to top out.



Looks like we’re on the roof! Then there’s a 1 floor tall parapet, then it’s topped




It seems they topped off, but I expect Related/Oxford to hold the ceremony on the same day as 30 HY for the publicity.



I suppose 1009 ft is to the roof and 1039 ft to the parapet.


the 1039’ figure is the elevation of the parapet above sea level. The 1009’ figure is the height of the building from the building entrance to the parapet. These measurements are oft confused because some diagrams use elevation and some use building height.




Nice shot, Oppi. The crown looks good.





Wow. Where is this taken?