NEW YORK | 35 Hudson Yards | 1,009 FT | 72 FLOORS


Oh wow. This is what I feel like the WTC complex and Manhattan West is lacking. Something other than glass and plastic.


Wow the facade is gorgeous!


Yes!! Me likes.

SOM provided architectural design and structural engineering services for 35 Hudson Yards, a mixed-use tower that is the development’s tallest residential building. The 1.1 million square-foot tower comprises 137 private residences, an Equinox branded luxury hotel, an Equinox fitness club and spa, first-class office space, and ground-floor retail.

Transitions in program are expressed as a series of setbacks that twist around the tower. Terraces at each setback create outdoor gardens that become smaller and more frequent toward the top of the tower.

Clad in limestone and glass, the building’s facade unifies the variety of programmatic elements stacked within.






Woah, nice!


Im not very used to seeing glossy limestone like that. It threw me for a second, but I like it.


Very nice.



Nice shots, street



This skyscraper is gonna be sweet!! Love the cladding.


I agree.

Phase 2 should have many stone towers too.






35 Hudson Yards’ facade makes 55 Hudson Yards look heinous.


I still like it.



Very nice shots Robert. Here comes the curtain wall!


Thanks, Gent!