NEW YORK | 333 Schermerhorn St (The Hub) | 607 FT | 44 FLOORS





Very nice shot, 5Bfilms! ^^


Thanks DL!



photo by Andy Jalakas, found on flickr.

The current tallest building in Brooklyn, The Hub at 610' in Downtown Briiklyn, NY… by andy (jake) jalakas, on Flickr


Pic by me


That’s The Ashland though. The Hub is on the left.


Pic by me. Taken today. 5/27/17


Yeah those two always seem to confuse me. Like I can identify obscure mid rises but these two, I for the life forget which is which. I took a snap shot today, but I bet I messed it up again lol.






I like this tower. It might have strange proportions, but the brown really gives it that Brooklyn aesthetic.

Rising Moon by Michael, on Flickr


the birdcage lit at night looks neat

Downtown Brooklyn by street level, on Flickr