NEW YORK | 316 Fifth Ave | 535 FT | 40 FLOORS


These Taliban suck.


one more piece of nyc history almost gone. At least the reign of destruction under Meenakshi Srinivasan is over, hopefully whoever replaces her will do more to protect worthy buildings.




Always the nice ones.


site almost ready for its sure to be bland future. these buildings fought back though, 20 days and they still have the last floor left.


only fragments left now.


What a crime. Only in NY does the crap stay while the gems get razed.


another big scoop by yimby!


The developers shoulda followed the precedent further up fifth ave by keeping the facades.


this first glimpse looks pretty good. I’ll need a better look to determine if its a worthy replacement.


Looks uninspired tbh
Definetely didn’t deserve to replace this gem


I’ve become disgusted with New York.


Robert—There is some good post 1950 architecture here but not much given the size of this place. The best center for architecture in the US is Chicago. And it’s not a close contest. Since the reconstruction of the loop area after their great fire in the late nineteenth century most major innovations have begun there. Money drives commercial and rich people’s buildings there too. But the long history of good quality means the buildings don’t do well unless the design is interesting. NYC doesn’t have that culture. Columbus Ohio, believe it or not, is another one. Years ago the city dedicated a certain portion of the cost of every public building to hiring good architects. And the results that have accumulated over the years have dramatically altered its appearance. Even private developers have changed their habits. There may still be time to compel something similar here even for private developers. But getting this done is obviously a challenge.


New York is a mess
Sometimes it builds incredible stuff like steinway or hudson yards but at the same time it demolishes stuff like this. And replaces them with turds


THis was wishful thinking.


I can’t believe that two beautiful buildings were razed, and yet filthy garbage to the south and west remains and will surround this new tower. New York is idiotic.


Not gonna lie if a building like that couldn’t be landmarked then I have lost faith that others will be.

Greed is a nasty thing.


Is anything going on here?


A void where beauty once resided

(the building in black on the left is still occupied so I assume its staying)


It cannot stand how the two gems were razed, yet the horrible filthy junk immediately to the south and west remain.


These greedy developers are slowly chipping away at New York’s beauty, history, and heritage.

It’s always one step forward, two steps back in this city. I’ve never seen a city just not truly care about it’s own appearance, presentation, and infrastructure like NYC.