NEW YORK | 316 Fifth Ave | 535 FT | 40 FLOORS



That sucks. I wonder what the chances are they could get them to zone the whole district (i assume just 29th st block) as a landmark? Seems unlikely but they are going for it.


The thing that sucks is that the stunner on that block will be razed, but the heinous S.h…t will remain.


KPF had better come up with a show stopper here. A mere 27 units for the uber rich shouldn’t replace a landmark corner building like this.


I agree, but even if it’s great, it will still suck to lose that gorgeous building. Not to mention, that block sucks. It’s a shame that the “developer” couldn’t acquire the adjacent parcels of shit.

The two buildings just south of this are nice, but the three buildings with the Luggage shop, the Stetson shop, and the bank are HEINOUS!


It’s unfortunate these are being demolished while the bland ones in the middle of the block will survive. Sad!



I totally agree.


FAA approved:


It such BS that these gems will be razed, and this heinous junk will remain.


another bigtime fail of the LPC


What a f…cking crime. The real kick in the nads is that all of the crap surrounding these gems will remain.

The LPC is such a joke.


All that building needed was a good pressure washing and it would have looked great. Sucks to lose it.


Don’t think there’s another city that has lost so much great architecture intentionally.


Whatever goes up here better be worth it.


I am still fuming over this travesty


100% agree r.i.p. Kaskel & Kaskel

I decided to memorialize it in Minecraft.


no visible change - probably a lot of asbestos to remove on the interior


The “developers” are the TALIBAN!!!


Rough stuff.


I wouldn’t be happy to lose this Even if the site included the garbage on the rest of the block. It’s a real kick in the gut to lose the gems and keep the s.hit.

Only in NY, can there be a $1.5m one bedroom next to filthy pieces of garbage.