NEW YORK | 305 West 48th Street | 303 FT | 27 FLOORS



How does kaufman manage to get to design every hotel in nyc?


Kaufman-Designed 305 West 48th Street Revealed In Hell’s Kitchen

The hotel will be themed around Broadway Theater, and will be occupied by a boutique brand. Permits list David Schwartz of Bright Management, Inc., as the developer, and show that the 27-story building will stand 303 feet to its roof, with 211 rooms within.

The total floor area will measure 73,096 square feet, within which 59,132 square feet will be occupied by hotel space. The building will be setback from the street, with a fairly nondescript envelope above the entrance.

A statement by Gene Kaufman describes his involvement as follows:

I embrace the challenge of helping launch a new hotel brand, an exciting undertaking that requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach from a design standpoint. The aesthetics are critical in setting the structural and design tones for the brand, particularly as it seeks to establish itself against the backdrop of the colorful theater scene it calls home.


It sure as hell establishes itself as a piece of shit in the midst of the “colorful theater scene it calls home”

Hideous design, Kaufman should be banned from the city

Sorry for the bluntness, I have reached breaking point.


Yeah I just had to laugh when I looked at the rendering this morning. I’m like darnet, the Kaufmanator strikes again.

Marvel should make a movie on Kaufman where he in the villan. Using his powers to inflict shitty architecture on the helpless people of NYC.

But there is a hero to the story, and the superhero SHoP comes to the rescue.


What a mess.
How does this man do it???
It is almost a gift in itself to be able to design such heaps of garbage and not notice it’s hideous.
It’s almost admirable
Key word: “almost”


He did say thoughtful too!

an exciting undertaking that requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach from a design standpoint.

In his mind, he thinks this is good. Low standards I guess? The thing is, sure its my TS, but just because its by Times Square doesn’t mean it has to be tacky.

Unfortunatly, this isn’t his only project in the city, he is designing many more towers. at 303 ft, it won’t really cause any damage, it’ll just be hidden. It’s not as bad as 6 water street though.

This is just rubbish.


I forgot about this mess
I’m done