NEW YORK | 3041 Broadway | FT | FLOORS (350k+ sq ft)


With condos being planned, this could be 400 to 450 ft or more based on your typical condo building rising with the allotted sq footage. Its not a big site either. Definitely will be tall for the neighborhood. Your new Manhattan condos have very high ceilings, and suspect given the area, it will be ultra-luxury. Similar to Sutton in terms of luxury, only on a much smaller scale. I don’t buy the respect the church additude. The developer I doubt would give up an opportunity. Most likely opting for the 40 floor option. Even at 30, with modern ceiling heights, where looking at 350-400 ft at minimum.


No one can serve two masters, scripture says. But leaders at the Union Theological Seminary hope that, in their case, God and money can co-exist.

The Seminary in Morningside Heights, hoping to fund a $100 million renovation, is considering a condominium development on campus and the sale of 350,000 square feet of development rights, to the consternation of its social-justice-oriented students.

The religious school at 3041 Broadway, considered the birthplace of black liberation theology and feminist theology, has contemplated development on campus for decades, with plans centered around a “slender building” situation in the northern part of the quadrangle, Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, the school’s present, told the Wall Street Journal.

She wouldn’t divulge exactly how tall a potential building would be, but said it would “respect” the nearby Riverside Church, which stands 293 feet. It would likely stand around 35 to 40 stories, according to Robert Von Ancken of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank.

In a letter, more than 200 students and alumni called for the plan to be halted.

“Building a new high-rise community only for the elite in the heart of the UTS campus is antithetical to the building of a world where all God’s children are to be loved, housed and cared for,” the letter stated.

In her defense, Jones cited theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. “You never make decisions in a morally pure world,” she told the Journal. “We live in a morally complex environment.”

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown is also looking to sell its air rights.




Nice. I wouldn’t want anything too tall in that area though.