NEW YORK | 301 East 80th Street | 384 FT | 30 FLOORS


this Upper East Side tower might breach 400’.

edit: I think these are the same.


Studio Sofield is doing this? It could be very interesting then. I was wondering when he’d follow up the brilliant 135 E. 79th. Looking forward to a masonry facade.


Work started…



@chris08876 probable duplicate thread. my bad.


Is this above ground yet?


Not as of 2 weeks ago.



301 E81

NEW YORK | 301 East 81st Street (1562 2nd Ave) | 215 FT | 19 FLOORS

Still no updated renderings on these two sites. Quite surprising.


renderings for the smaller tower have been available, a stunning design by Isaac&Stern. This is the latest one from their website, which is updated from the ones released years ago.

nothing here yet however.


We shouldn’t count on it looking like the Isaac and Stern design.






Nice! Limestone and not brick. The ugly 70s-90s high rises in that neighborhood will finally get broken up with something classic.