NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS


And me as well, but I think 520 Park will end up being completely stunning.


I agree 520 Park will be stunning. The thing that I don’t like about 220 is the lack of ornamentation. 30 Park Place and 520 Park, by contrast, have a lot of detail.


I agree to both of you (robertwalpole and VG), both 30 Park Place and 520 Park Avenue look better than 220 CPT. And yeah, those two have more details as well, and way beautifully.


Aug 8th


Aug 16th


Pretty good shots, especially the upclose ones!
This building is a beautiful addition to Downtown Manhattan!



she’s a beauty!


Is the last shot from the WTC? It looks great!


One World Observatory




it just blends in so well.




That frame is about as iconic as Lower Manhattan in the 1930s, IMO. In this case, every peak is now residential (even Woolworth!). To think 80 South (when it happens…) will be 500’+ taller than anything here is pretty crazy.


Beautiful picture!


I agree ^^


I concur ^^







I love those Art Deco inspired screens disguising the mechanicals/hvac on the roof.