NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS




VG, I love this pic.


could put this pic in a few different threads, but I thought it gave a view of 30 Park Place that I had not seen in alot of pictures.




pretty sure that 2 WTC will completely dominate this perspective when complete.

But I think this view shows how well 30 Park’s design meshes it in with its surroundings.


Love this angle and the picture, especially with the Woolworth Building visible over there!
Well done, Tokila!


taken from the east side of the old north tower footprint. It was just luck I happened to be there when One WTC has casting a perfect shadow on 30 Park.


I didnt notice that shadow at first!

This is a great shot overall. Love it. :heart_eyes:


Lots of classical archetecture on the left with lots of modern on the right.


This tower is amazing



Great vid!

From today



Beautiful video along with the beautiful music score!!
What a great find, YIMHudson!!


Great shots, JC_Heights and robertwalpole!!


Thanks, amigo!



Beautiful photo, Brome!


That is nice!


I like the design for this tower better than 220 CPS.