NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS


man this baby needs a spire. It would look sweet(and would make it a supertall…).

Either way this tower is a homerun. I showed some pics to people at work and all thought it was built in the 20s or 30s… Mission Accomplished.


A Stern legit supertall with a spire is a dream of mine. Hopefully one day.



Wow, great shot! You can see the Woolworth Building’s facades as well!


Wow. I love these perspective pictures. It really shows you what it looks like from the ground. I just adore the woolworth building. Imo something has yet to top it architecturally. It is probably my favourite NYC skyscraper. Haha.


Great photos!


I read somewhere that this baby was already 75% soldout. (think it was the Silverstein interview).

I am not surprised. It is a great building in a great location.


See the Views From a Penthouse Inside Robert A.M. Stern’s 30 Park Place

The 82-story building features 157 apartments located atop a Four Seasons Hotel


Holy Towers! It’s beautiful! :smiley:
Not to mention that its views are worthwhile for visitors and residents!


most of the building in contract, closings start next week. They are still waiting on the 2 big ones though. They should be in no rush to sell them, the hotel and other residents alone will make them a healthy return the penthouses are just the grave.


30 park





why does top half look like it has been darkened?


I wonder if maybe it is just a filter or photo editing to compensate for brightness or contrast?

Great pic though. I feel like i havent seen too many pics where almost the full building is shown. Looks great.




Stunning !!!


Beautiful and impressive tower 30 Park Place is!


This will open in July. :slight_smile:


99 Church is almost finished. Also 5 Beekman seen below. Woolworth renovation still occurring likewise with Verizon.

Credit: Great South Bay Music


Yep, the next two 200m+ towers to add to the completed list. :slight_smile: