NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS



I’m very curious.
I would like to know the names of the two towers on the right of 125 Greenwich Street.
What are they called? Or they don’t have a name yet?


80 South Street and 45 Broad Street


and 80 south street is pretty much a place holder in this picture. It might end up having a roof top higher than WTC 1. They have put together quite the assemblage for it. Its also own by a chinese dev who has sort of a good big or go home attitude. That said it could end up being anywhere from 900-1450 feet to rooftop. Either way its going to make a major impact will likely be by the tallest riverfront property in the city.


:smiley: I see. Thank you very much for the answer, Thomas. :relaxed:


That’s interesting to know of this skyscraper. Thanks for the info as well, tokilamockingbrd. Let’s see how high up it’ll go. :relaxed:


this article shows basically what we know.


This tower looks like it was built in the 1920s. In fact, look at the similarity between it and the Bank of NY building in the foreground.



When I did a guided tour of NYC to a large group a couple weeks ago I asked them when they thought that this skyscraper was built and everyone answered the 1930’s hahah. I’m pretty sure a lot of tourists will think this was built around the time of the chrysler and empire state buildings hahah. I love this Neo art deco trend going on, it’s turning NYC back into Gotham City if you see what I mean hahah






I agree. Beautiful indeed, robertwalpole. :slight_smile:


From that Touring 3 WTC article:


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Just the photos of 30 Park Pl. They’re almost as good as Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy photos, and that’s a pretty high bar in my book!


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But outside of this tangent, I stopped by 30 Park yesterday, and for a minute, it was hard to imagine that this was recently built. It fits in so perfectly. The limestone adds so much to it.


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