NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS


Great photos!


Great photos!

Woolworth is still the king! I envy the folks who purchase those new penthouses!


99 Church from a distance. Oh and yeah, the rest of the city. :slight_smile:

Credit: Fstoppers


That’s “The City,” lads!


Nice photo, VG!


I was a fan of the hazy nature of it. IDK, but haze just adds that extra element of urban into every shot. That same shot, 5 years from now. :wink:

I’d really like to see a comparison using that perspective and compare it to lets say 1980. So much has changed. Especially in Midtown West. All that is new essentially.


The legend…


This could serve as a multi-project update.

I found this. Taken in January, some two or three weeks ago.

Can also see a little bit of Leonard, Woolworth renovation, 5 beekman, and right near JR, a 40 story tower will rise, and also in the works a tower that could exceed 200k sq ft, so the area will get some nice infill.

Right near 99 Church is 19 Park Place (left of the tower in the pic or a block or so North of it. Small, barely noticeable, u/c, but it is there. As always, remember to zoom in.

Credit: lkaloti





Nice photos, Tom!




Nice photo, dude!


Thanks robert! :wink: cheers!


February 20th, 2016






Imagine that in a few years with 111 Murray, 45 Broad, 80 South, 125 Greenwich, 42 Trinity, and hopefully, 2 WTC!!!


and don’t forget 3 WTC! :smile:




I think this news is interesting, even though it arrived in April 11 :slight_smile: