NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS


You know, its funny. I always end up back at yimby lol.




Manhattan Skyline by John Chu, on Flickr


What a city!


Still blows me away every time I’m there. Brooklyn I gotta say is really getting dense with all of those high rises. And that’s just a portion of it. Coupe of more years, and Queens will join the ranks. Hopefully that Flatbush super tall becomes a reality.


Wow, that density!!!


I agree, lads! Wait until 111 Murray joins this group!


I have photoshopped a picture from the Earthcam camera, here is now and after! I have included 56 Leonard too.





For who ever uploaded my picture to the 30 Park Place thread on Skyscrapercity, thank you so much!!! Please make sure to share the rendering of it too! Make sure to leave my credit!


Picture by StopherNYC, follow him on Instagram: @stophernyc




I started 30 Park Place on Minecraft today!


Pic by me

And a bonus shot: Can’t have 99 Church without its artistic cousin tower who did too much lsd, hence the waves. .


Nice photos, Chris!


Great photos guys!
This building looks gorgeous, gives off a slight retro-futuristic vibe with it’s old style but with proportions and scale that puts it in the 21st century! Love it


November 9th, 2015





I bet most tourists will think this building is 80+ years old.