NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS



Currently 12 units left, with floor plans available and pricing. With proximity to the WTC, this is a great investment. In fact, any project within the vicinity will skyrocket in price once everything is set and done. 2020 will be a good year for property values.


Good luck! You’re one of a very few who can have the chance of doing this, quite jealous actually! :smile:


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September 14 2014


Construction Update: 30 Park Place


30 Park Place, viewed from the southeast, Woolworth at right

Like its uptown neighbor at 56 Leonard, 30 Park Place is making a relative impact on the skyline, and the floor-count is now in the mid-40s, with approximately 20 stories left before topping-out.

The tower viewed from the north

With the surprisingly rapid pace of construction over the summer, 30 Park Place is already on the verge of surpassing the Woolworth Building. Its 714-foot tall neighbor held the title of world’s tallest skyscraper from 1914 – 1930, and while it has long been overtaken by larger towers further downtown, 30 Park Place will dominate right next door, diminishing its relative visibility (and standing 926 feet tall).

Pre-cast concrete facade that resembles limestone

Change is the only constant that defines the New York skyline, and its continued evolution is a good thing, especially when new entrants take cues from the city’s masonry-clad favorites. Though the panels fronting 30 Park Place’s exterior are actually cast concrete, they appear convincingly limestone-esque, especially from any appreciable distance.

30 Park Place

The Four Seasons Hotel & Residences should open sometime next year. Silverstein is the developer, Robert A.M. Stern is the architect, and sales are underway, with listings priced up to $60 million.





9 17 2014

Woolworth Building's newer neighbors by sjnnyny, on Flickr


30 Park Place Marketing Video:

Oct 14, 2014

This is like patriotic towards the city. Makes me proud to live near it. I like the end when he says: “What a city. To be part of this. Aren’t we blessed?”

A sense of humility should overcome all of us; especially given the opportunities present in this city for all. To be near it or in it, and access its wealth of culture and opportunities puts us ahead of most of the world. We are truly lucky.


10 22 2014

9/11 Memorial Plaza & Museum by E Rabeck, on Flickr


11 5 2014


Great tower, lads!





Nice photo , Tec. I can’t wait to see the glass.


November 29th, 2014



99 Church Street - Manhattan Rising by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr


99 Church Street - Manhattan Rising by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr





Taken by me:

Looks like its about the height of Beekman if we zoom in.


Presence on the skyline (Right by WTC4)

Shvo Tower and WTC3 will help fill that void.



This topped out incredibly fast. Wasn’t too long ago that I remember it being a stump when I was in the area.


Construction Update: 30 Park Place Nears Topping-Out


30 Park Place

Downtown’s new tallest residential building was ceremoniously topped-out last week, and 30 Park Place certainly holds its own on the New York skyline. Per DOB permits, the skyscraper will stand 937 feet tall, totaling 67 floors (almost all of which are now up). Silverstein is developing, and the building will house a Four Seasons Hotel & Residences, with lower levels holding 185 hotel rooms and upper floors housing 157 condominiums

30 Park Place, along with 19 Park Place & the Woolworth Building

Even the mid-levels of 30 Park Place have generally comprehensive views, with the highest floors towering above the formerly-dominant Woolworth Building. That skyscraper, which stood as the world’s tallest from 1913 to 1930, remains distinctive, and should serve as a reminder that buildings like the Chrysler and Empire State will maintain their individuality and dignity even if they are soon surrounded by supertalls (as will be the case for both icons).

While changes to the skyline remain as contentious as ever, cladding the new buildings in limestone (or concrete made to look like limestone like 30 Park Place has) is definitely a way to ensure they mesh relatively seamlessly, and in this regard, the future Four Seasons Hotel & Residences excels. Once the full exterior is complete, it should appear as just another tower on the Lower Manhattan skyline, not particularly distinctive, but nonetheless attractive (in contrast to its showier rival, 56 Leonard).

30 Park Place already blending into the background

The building is among a trio of Robert A.M. Stern-designed towers under construction, with the others underway at 220 Central Park South (which will be the tallest of the group, at 950′), and 520 Park Avenue (around 800′). All three developments will rank among the tallest residential buildings in New York City, though prices at the Uptown projects will be significantly higher than at 30 Park Place.

Completion is expected in mid 2016, and while the facade continues its rise, window installation has also recently begun.