NEW YORK | 30 Park Place | 937 FT | 67 FLOORS


I agree, It’s great down there.


I wouldn’t say this area is filled with only commuters at all! It’s pretty much the point which connects Brooklyn Bridge, Tribecca, Lower Manhatten (WTC etc), Downtown, the courts and Broadway.

With my visit last December, the area wasn’t the most thriving of places compared with other parts of NY, however there was definetly an upcoming vibe about the place, plenty of tourists and the noise of the surrounding construction and refurbs gave a big city feel. This area will only get better.




Very BoA LA in that photo.

Very classy.


The public plaza is coming along. Still work in progress, though.


Did they do anything to that blank wall facing the motor court next door?


There’s a pedestrian courtyard and an accessory building between 30 Park and the Woolworth Building.


The accessory building contains the loading dock, garage entrance, employee entrance, mechanicals, and it looks like maybe some retail, too.


That courtyard looks great. And it’s cool to see 19 Park Place right across the street (in the photo posted solo by rbrome above).


Awesome! Thx, Rbrome.

The motor court looks great.




this turned out beautiful! just exquisite!


Anyone else think that they should build a 1200 foot or so tower of this style? I think it would fit in lower manhattan, maybe at one of the undeveloped south street sites.


YES!!! that would be an instant icon.




Nov 18


^^ Nice, RW!!

This is a great balcony with a great view.



We were lucky to be the only aircraft approved to fly in restricted airspace over New York City for Election Night, and what a night it was



I couldn’t agree more ^^


Nice video!