NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,296 FT | 90 FLOORS




Great photos, JC!!

September 19th











30 HY is going to be a BEAST!



Does the average New Yorker know this building is going to be as tall as it is?


Since it’s in a remote location, most New Yorkers have no clue that it’s even being built.


I don’t think the average New Yorker is even aware of most developments in the city in general, the other day I was walking on the highline and I overheard some people talking about how they didnt even know there was construction down there and then they guessed it would be like a 30 floor building haha.


We are a privileged bunch lads, We know of the wonders to come!


That’s true. No one has any clue how to One Vanderbilt will be. From the rendering posted at the site, it could easily be 750’ tall. No one suspects it will be taller than the ESB.


photo by themodularman/ Justin Whiteford, from flickr.

Untitled by Justin Whiteford, on Flickr

Untitled by Justin Whiteford, on Flickr


Anthony Malkin must be sitting in his ESB office drinking in the morning realizing that his tower will no longer the sole dominating structure in the area.

The ESB will always be the legend, the king, but its time as NYC’s tallest has faded, and now its time for a new generation of towers to bask in the glory.


I agree, Chris


In the second photo, will that ugly brown building next to 30 HY be demolished?


It will be. It’s Coach’s old HQ.

50 HY will rise on that site.

PS: it’s actually a pretty nice building. You’re looking at it from the side.


Oct 4


Nice shots, robertwalpole!
And I’m happy that it’s getting more glasses in a good pace!


Thx, Dragon!