NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,296 FT | 90 FLOORS


Nice shots, ILNY!


thats not the vessel under construction. Thats a vent shaft.

the vessel is steel and is being erected with a tower crane that will be set up on the platform. Until you see a new freestanding tower crane, no vessel.


Thanks, John. I thought it was a foundation for the Vessel.


They say the expected completion date would be in 2018 for the Vessel?

How soon from now would they have to start?

I read somewhere that the components are already being constructed in Italy.


The foundation for the vessel is the steel grillage platform located near the culture shed. It is already installed. Vessel bolts directly to the platform steel.


yes, they are already in fabrication and they have done a mock up in italy.


That is cool it is already being constructed in parts in Italy. I am sure the quality will be very nice, however, I also worry about delays then. They are not good with timelines. Remember the huge delays for the 7 train entrance at HY. The elevators were specially made in Italy and they couldnt get it right for so long causing delays. Come to think of it, where are these special elevators? I want to ride on one if they are open yet? I have used the 7 train entrance (under 55hy) but only the escalators and havent really paid attention if there were elevator entrances.

The vessel renderings and models look great btw.


I think i see it around the corner to the left of the escalators actually. Ill give it a try tonight if it is open. Apparently they travel on a diagonal track down to the platforms.

Pic from fc.


Splendid shots, ILNY! ^^


photo by Justin Whiteford/themodulorman, found on flickr

Untitled by Justin Whiteford, on Flickr


You can see the grillage here.

DSC00069.jpg by Adam Paiva, on Flickr


Thx, John and ILNY :


A couple pics of the curtain wall going up 9/16


More from 9/16




Is the setback starting now?


Still too hard to tell I think (assuming you mean the first setback on the southeast corner?). I think these next 2 floors that they are working on now will take up the entire building. Maybe a setback after these 2 are done? The setback is supposed to be at 440 feet. So if anyone knows exactly how high they are now, it would help figure out when the setback will come.


20th floor is the east setback (the one Iā€™m talking about) and the building is currently on the 19th floor, a mechanical floor.


Starting to become visible from across the city (pics by me):

FW4A8894 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A8894-2 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


this is going to be a beast. a true game changer.