NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS




The crane went down!!!



That’s such a cool shot. It looks like a Citadel that would be in a science fiction movie or game.


very pointy


That is a fantastic picture. Probably the best angle I’ve seen of the complex. Love how it appears smack in the middle of the avenue.


I want to say this was at Varick and Moore in Tribeca if anyone wants to head down there with something other than an iphone!


Lets hope Tec is in the area soon. :wink:




from 09-22-18



Last week


I think I saw the crown lit walking back to my place. Hopefully not a trick of the eye.


I think it’s too early for them to install the proper lighting now, though what do I know I’m 80 miles away from NYC.


Yeah, I’m scanning cams to confirm. It may have just been one side of the triangles facing Queens.