NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


Many double height floors we can’t see from outside and mechanical floors


Many buildings just take the height for the building and divide it by the height of each regular floor, and use that floor count for marketing.


For many, many decades a floor (or story) basically meant “10 feet” - So now, even in an age where higher floors are more desirable (especially for offices), this notion that 800 feet in the air = 80 floors still exists, even if there are 51 floors or whatever. It’s all a bit silly. For marketing purposes, an 80th floor penthouse sounds more impressive than 51st floor so that’s a big part of it too.


A look at the buildings from Times Square Tower, + Top of the Rock


Exactly. It’s just a sales gimmick. Fun fact - The Donald was one of the first to do this back in the 80’s.
“He even required some buyers in his buildings to sign a document acknowledging that their apartment unit was not really on the floor stated.”

It’s all a game.




Sony Alpha a7 III ILCE‑7M3 by Emil abu Milad, on Flickr


35 is a beauty in this pic.



How cool would it be if YouTube moved to 10HY and the big triangle on the top was lit up red - thing looks just like the youtube play button logo


OMG you’re right! That would be so cool



someone on the left over there is getting jealous and started to peak through :sweat_smile:


That core should be close to topping off too. You won’t see much of 1 MW from there


This horrible postal facility should be relocated to the Bronx, and this could be the site of a new MSG.

E Abu


There is a concept that relocated MSG to that spot.


I remember that. MSG and that facility both must go.

This pos occupies a vast space from 28th and 30th on the full blocks between 9th and 10th.

What a waste!


It is the only Viable site for a new MSG


All of it needs to be razed – 2 Penn, MSG, that stupid Duane Reade, even 1 Penn, and redevelopment needs to be done in concert as a master plan, not just random buildings strung together.

It’ll be very expensive, but solve it correctly once, instead of trying to save money now just to create further problems down the line.


Duane Reade is definitely coming down, and I suspect that everything else you mentioned will, as well, but for 1 Penn. The only person with the means to raze a tower that size is the King of Wall Street, Jaime D!


I love how this building turned out. I can’t wait to see what it looks when cladding is complete, which seems like it won’t be long from now