NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS






Looks like there’s 3 sections up now


Seems like three on the south side, at least one on the east side.


Really glad they posted that graphic on their Instagram. Makes it easier to track progress.

Found this posted by user “skyscraper” on SSP. Awesome shots of the observation deck going in.


If you view the post, it shows a GIF of the construction

I can’t wait to get up there when it’s done lol


From Sunday.


From a recent @YIMBY article





Awesome snaps Tec!!



This is being assembled way faster than I thought.


The glass is going in so fast, they’re going to need speed up working on the crown!


Beautiful shots @Tectonic @City_Streets


The observation deck has been said to be at floor 101, but from my photos reading the number of floors off the construction elevator, the observation deck is at the 67th floor and the top floor is the 69th floor


It’s marketing. The actual floor count is almost always different than what’s advertised.


A part of me wishes that it was the actual floor count. It would be nice to see a new building that actually has over 100 floors like the ESB and the original WTC towers.


I’m not sure how they can even say it’s 100+ floors? Does anyone know the slab height for each floor?