NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


Photocred: @c.lilianmarlen on Instagram

Photocred: @parwissimus on Flickr


What is that?


That is the frame of the triangles that make up the crown.


that last shot would almost look like Blade Runner if there were holographic ads and flying cars


Wow! Never expected it to be pre-built in sections, but I guess that makes more sense. Looks really cool so far, and cant wait to see them raise and install those sections soon.

I agree on the Blade Runner reference. The gloomy-ness fits right in.


I assume they’ll do the cantilevered balcony the same way. Or could that be what these are?


Well if you look at this photo of 10 Hudson by Tectonic, it’s crown is a little different, so that’s interesting. If you look at the section of the building in the photo below, you see the truss sections used to hold up the cantilever, which is the typical way to construct large ones like this. The metal pieces above definitely aren’t truss sections.

Also found this image of 10 Hudson by Robertwalpole showing the same steel structure. So definitely for the crown lol


This photo by City_Streets that I cropped shows the truss structure of the cantilever. Shouldn’t be long until we see the pieces come to the site for assembly!


those pieces are the observation deck



AF5_2360 by photolitherland, on Flickr

Looks like the crown has started



More crown.



Beautiful. Thanks for the update.


Nice shot, Dennis. The HY has really transformed the skyline because it now stretches from river to river.


Nice one, JC


Wow. So that portion of the crown will be 1179’, which means they still have another 100+ ft to go on the eastern portion. That extra 100ft is gonna have a huge impact!


Should be close to topping out! Maybe within the month?


love how this is turning out!


P3050023_Terrace by Frank Shernoff, on Flickr