NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


Morons on other forums seriously think that At., Dallas, Seattle, and Charlotte each more sf under construction than NY. It’s comical.


Robert is that a joke? How can any possibly think that?


Its not nearly as obvious in NYC. When you add a ton of space to an already MASSIVE city it doesnt make as much ruckus as when you add a decent amount to a medium city.


No. I’m serious. This is particularly the notion of jackssses in Atlanta.




If you look very closely at the top you can see the structural outline for the observation deck taking shape.


Get to know your tenants…


This diagram confirms the 1296’ figure is elevation above sea level (a source on SSC has been saying this for awhile) The CTBUH lists the height at 1268’, so we should go with that. I looked up a topographic map to see if it checks out and this site is around 30’ above sea level. This isn’t a height cut - the tower was never 1296’.


Great elevation! Floor 65 is the same height as 3 World Trade Center


Thats only about 100 ft lower than the roof of 1 WTC…not shabby at all.


First pic impressive with ESB, partially eclipsed supermoon and 30 HY.


Nelson Christopher Ala






from January






Is this still growing or has it slowed down?


Its still going! When I walked by today I noticed the glass facade is 1 floor away from the setback.


Interesting. What about height? Does it still have a bit to go at the top?