NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


From 570 Broome, ESB is actually closer than 30Hy is.

Elevation probably plays a role too




Hasn’t really moved since I made the last one, but I’ll do one soon


I suppose its safe to say ESB will still look significantly taller once 30 Hudson is completed, even though 30 Hudson has a higher roof. Elevation does play a big role in this. If you walk from the Hudson Yards east along 34th Street you have to walk up a slope.



All 3 towers under construction


I wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of them originally choosing the location for ESB. It still maintains a dominant position in the skyline even after all these years even with all these newer taller towers popping up.


It’s looking pretty close between this and ESB, some comparison shots of mine below (please excuse the horrid quality):

JFK Air Train:

From my flight home ( :frowning: ):

From 1WTC:


The last shot actually demonstrates they will basically be the same. I guess the camera was not aligned properly for perspective on the previous image I shared.


Great shot, Stig!!

The HY and the development along W 42nd St have stretch the midtown skyline from river to river.


The last time I saw the complex from the Observatory





Amazing. If someone didn’t know New York they would think that the Hudson Yards is the downtown of an entire city.


It almost looks like these next levels are showing signs of the crown starting but it seems too early for that.


Truth - Total HY is to be 12.7 million sq and adjacent Manhattan West will be 5.4 million sq ft so 18.1 million sq feet of towers - which is equal to Charlotte’s CBD


Impressive stuff!

Could that new work be the anchor point for the observation deck?


Yeah, it has to be something structural that’s at least related to the cantilevered deck.


The steel looks like it’s up to right where the deck starts