NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS







Almost time for the observation deck? :slight_smile:


30 is enormous! Love it in the skyline, thanks for all the great work with the pics!


Great pics. I assume most were taken this morning. The fog was insane.


I think I heard/read that they will continue to the crown first, then start the observation deck after?


since the deck cantilevers, is that even possible?



Epic addition to Manhattan!


This city is out of control, lads!!!

NIce shots, Stig!



Is it safe to say this is at about 1100 ft as of now? Just eyeing it.


That sounds about righ! Everything since the setback has been gravy


I think this is the start of the outdoors observation deck!! I’ll try to take better pics tomorrow morning


Mr Inky


Crazy to think it STILL has about 200ft to go!


@Thomas_Koloski I think we’re due for a progress chart here!


Can someone please explain something to me that I feel like i’m overlooking. Looking at this picture, shouldn’t 30 HY be equal in height when it tops out to where the picture cuts off on the ESB? Yet, it seems like it will appear a bit shorter still. I don’t understand how though since they are essentially parallel to each other.

Credit to: Field Condition (Source:…our-570-broome)


Hmm how old is that picture? because it should be. Maybe there is a big elevation difference.


I think it is an elevation thing, because ESB is basically in the middle of the island, so probably about 150 ft above sea level, but 30 HY is right on the water.