NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


I love how from certain angles, 432 Park looks impossibly thin. I can’t wait to see Steinway top out and look at the crazy slenderness there.

Thanks for the shot Street. Absolutely gorgeous.


It’s easy to forget just how big everything is in a picture like this. Just think, at 90 feet per side, 432 is the same footprint as a baseball field per bases.




Awesome picture. You can start to see how it will provide a great bookend to the Empire State Building once it reaches full height.




30HY is the box that 10HY came in…


I agree with this.


I just realized that the setback started at about 290 meters and this is probably like 300 meters now. So still a lot to go actually.


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Nice shot, City!!


So did they take down the second crane?


really nice pictures. i’ve been these this summer, planning to go again the next one, in case i won’t be on injectable drugs anymore, until that time. hopefully


Yes they did




2 floors to the 1st observation deck floor and 3 floors to the triangular terrace


I’m excited for the deck.






I see 30 HY, ESB and 1WC as more of a trifecta.