NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS




Nice shots, Tec!!!


Whats that tower in front?


45 E. 22nd.


thanks tec




Last setback…excited for observation deck.






Is there any single building in NYC that has as much steel as 30 HY? This building requires about 100,000 tons of steel - For comparison, 1WTC used ~45,000 tons, ESB used ~57,000 tons…Not sure how much steel MetLife or 55 Water used, but 30HY might be the winner.


This thing is so massive. The city needs more Goliaths like this


I’ll take massive behemoths like this anytime, any day over the skinny supertalls. This is what NYC is all about!


We as a city need to keep a good balance between behemoths and spires. Its new york in every way. Big and bold, yet elegant and sophisticated.


I agree. I think we need a few more behemoths to counter all the skinny residential buildings. I’d love to see a building as massive as 30 HY but 600 meters tall.


What’s this have like 200 feet left?


It has 250+ feet to go


How much steel will 1Vanderbilt have?


less than a third of this building