NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


I’m amazed that Related commissioned such a great design for 30 HY and such a boring box for 50.


I guess this tower will be the Magnum Opus of HY. Everything else shall rank less.




If I had to guess, I would say 30 HY is now about at what 55 HY’s max height will me.


It has got to be pretty close at this point. That last setback on the north side of 10hy is about 720+ feet and 30hy appears to have surpassed it recently. I would guess it is around 725-750ft at this point. 55hy will be 780ft.


Once this passes 10 HY, it’s going to be all icing on the cake.






I love it when cladding goes up faster than the steel itself


Good point. Ever since they passed those recent mechanical floors, the cladding has really sped up!


44/90 floors, 48%
1 more floor until the Half Way mark!


i dont understand this, its not 90 floors. its 68


Where did you hear that? The forum says 90 floors, so I went with that. Also, the building is now around 770 feet high


i see it, on the drawings.


I think there’s a lot of empty space at the crown that maybe they count as floors even though they’re not.


there are a lot of extra high floors in this tower, the 90 number is definitely based on traditional floor heights. Essentially this tower will look like a 90 storey tower.


Many of the buildings being constructed today in NYC have extra floor to ceiling height as compared to the past. 432 Park for example is easily comparable to any building with over 100 stories. The previous WTC towers had 110 floors and they were shorter.



Great pics, friend!

This thing is massive!


Thank you, sir.

It will be beautiful.