NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


What’s crazy, is that 10 HY is going to be the shortest tower in phase 1



New York! America!




What a great juxtaposition of New York old and new. Makes this tower appear even more massive.


From Jersey this past weekend by me


Wow this view will be unreal in a few years.




Island of Manhattan, New York City by TGNY Studios, on Flickr

Starting to show from the High Line

High Line Looking North by deepaqua, on Flickr


Great shots, guys!!!





^that is crazy.



This building has really moved, especially the last time I was actually at the site. I went there the day the 34th Street Hudson Yards Station opened (September 13, 2015). Of course, I have photos:


I would post the full photos, but the site doesn’t let huge photos be posted. Come on @YIMBY !


do you have microsoft paint or some other photo editing software? You can easily change the size of photos.


I have an app that I used to resize some of my images already


Same here! I tried uploading several times and the size of the pictures were too big.


I use the Preview app that comes with macOS to resize them to 3000 pixels in the longest dimension.