NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


id say its there, or very close


Pic by me. Taken today. Large shot, so bask in its glory. 30 HY can be seen.


Nice shot, Chris!




Somebody had dirty fingers.

Vessel parts arrived at Hudson Yards.




Great picture, amigo!

I remember seeing 10 Hudson Yards from Jersey and thinking how massive it was. I can’t imagine what this building is going to look like!


Thanks, Lion!


I’m looking forward to how it will look going down the ramp onto Broad Street in Newark. On a clear day, its a jaw dropping view of the skyline from 12 to 14 miles away. Along with Newark and JC in the distance.


photo by Bob Tullis, found on flickr.

20170309-_DSC2208.jpg by Bob Tullis, on Flickr


Just to let everyone know, we passed the halfway point by floors (not including the crown)


Aerial. District is rising like Vietnamese Bamboo.

Credit: valeserri





Nice shot, Kevin!



With older but shorter sibling from Soho.




photo by @pattknox on instagram

photo by @marion.miner on instagram