NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


More glass being delivered yesterday (they probably get more each day)


Hudson Yards, NYC by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr

View From The Ohm, NYC by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr

Hudson Yards, NYC by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr


Alt perspective…







Nice photo, JC!








Although 50 HY will be a horrible failure, this is turning out great!


Hudson Yards Rising (5) by Mike McLaughlin, on Flickr[


Love this angle.





Great photos, VG.




Will there be any big screens incorporated at any of the Hudson Yards towers? Foe example, like some of the buildings in times square or around herald square.


I don’t think so.


I hope not, let the architecture speak for itself, not with flashy billboards. Thats why I feel the West Concourse at the WTC got “ruined” when Westfield installed that giant billboard that spans the hallway. It lost the pure architectural beauty of just being a white space and a blank wall that emanates the sheer size of the bathtub walls. Thats just my opinion



Great updates Tec!!