NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS



They have the photos in full quality


Pics by me

Can see 30 Hudson and 3 MW. Taken on 12/10. Santacon!

Bonus: Jesus people!!!

Merry Christmas!


“The Vessel will be seen from 30 Hudson Yard’s observation deck”


well it is the hotel tower right? would make sense.


Taken this past Friday

It appears that it is about even with that first major setback at 10hy. Anyone know the height of that setback? I guess around 500 ft?


It’s gotta be approaching 500 feet definitely. Looks massive in person. Didn’t get a chance to snap a pic


First setback is at 505 feet


Hudson Yards, NYC (1) by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr




Nice, TV & nice pics!


Thx, VG.


I wish we could get some photos from above :frowning:





Found this, a ground plan of the whole site and buildings




I wonder if that structure with the exposed wall will be torn town eventually. Unfortunately, if something rises there, it might obscure your current office view. :frowning:


It denitely will. That east side of 7th between 33rd and 34th is heinous!

This is the block, and the building with the blank wall is the PoS on the corner with the sign with the guy’s face.

Viornado owns some of the block.