NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


Amazing Photos all around. Nice!!


Nice photos, gents!


great photos


took these pics at ICSC today, updated models.


What an awesome and very nicely detailed model of the complex!
Great find, parkaveguy! :smiley:


Is that a pool on the south side of 35 HY?


Nice photos, Park Ave Guy!


Good catch I see it too. Tough to tell if it’s actually a pool or just an aesthetic that we’re misinterpreting


I’m looking at it now, it’s a pool


20161203-_IGP8255 by Bill Benzon, on Flickr





related had a second model inside a different part of the showroom at the conference today.




Dec 5


12/06 Much larger in person.


That is so strange that they would have 2 models both with different versions of 50 and 15! I can see them showing differences for 50 since I assume the design will be different and unique from the 2 shown (so even they may not know what it will look like). But I feel like that is a bit of an oversight to show 15 with the corsett when it will not actually be built that way anymore. I feel like it has been like 2 years since they dropped that design.


Gah. Just noticed 35 is the old design too. Get your shit together, Related!





from Monday

FW4A0524 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


20 Hudson Yards (Retail Podium)