NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


Nov 7


Nov 8

There was A LOT of media by Hilary’s HQ at Javits.


Is that a fence going up for demolition to make room for 50 Hudson Yards?


Another tower crane was removed from the tower.


New Earthcam camera, we will partially see 30 and 55 Hudson Yards rise as of now


Nov 10

This city within The City is amazing. I can’t wait for China to re develop its consulate on 42nd and 12th.


Nov 10




Nov 16


Their making great progress on the glass facade. Looks very nice!


I agree , NYC.

Here are some photos of what the water scrim will look like!


The fountain is running.




Great photo, JC!


Ya I definitely had not seen this angle. Where was it taken from?


Thanks Guys,

This was taken up at riverview park in jersey city heights.

They are building a new gazebo now that will be almost where these pics were taken. The elevated gazebo will allow for an even better view when complete!


Yeah I went to take pics from there about a month ago and saw that the elevated gazebo was being renovated… I hope they finish it quickly as it’s the best vantage point of the whole city in that park


it is amazing how much larger Coach tower looks than NYT Tower even though NYT tower is technically taller.


Its going to be amazing to see how the North Tower will dominate everything from the Jersey side…