NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards | 1,268 FT | 90 FLOORS


ya, if I remember correctly this is the point the core shifts from a side core to a center core.




Nice shot VG! I see it’s taken from 10 HY. Were you up there?


It’s from Instagram, hence the @


Oct 11

Javits looks great at night.

Larry’s Silver Towers have nicely illuminated crowns.


Nice, RW. It’s getting dark earlier now!


No, I wish. It’s a great vantage point, to take in all this breathtaking views of all this construction madness! The image is via Instagram. Cheers.


ah missed that. Thanks Tom!


Justin Whiteford



From 39th Street and Ninth Ave. You can see 30 HY peaking and you can see how humongous this monster will be. It will dominate.


I did this last night while using that picsart app that Thomas recommended.

It’s my first render and first drawing ever using a stylus on my ipad.


One tower crane was removed.

Im not sure if it will be relocated to an interior bay, but I think its probably gone for good at the setback really comes into effect on this floor and the building will start to taper rapidly


Thats perfect JC


I noticed the same thing…went to check it out myself today and indeed it is gone.


Nice first render you made, JC_Heights!
Well done! :clap::clap:


beautiful render JC!!


October 14th, 2016


Gteat update, NYC!

Here’s an evening photo from Oct 14th




Nice photo, JC.

432 Park looks great there!