NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS





They are moving fast finishing up Cortlandt Way. They also are removing more fencing on Church persumably in coordination with the opening of the remainder of Cortlandt Way…


I check Earthcam nightly in dwindling hopes that they light those mech floors on 3. Anyway, looks like the Tribute in Light is up. A week out. Which made me realize 9/11 is on a Tuesday again.


More of Church paved last night. Looks like they will be opening the remainder of Cortlandt Way and possibly the crosswalk by 9/11…


Another new crosswalk opening along with the remainder of Cortlandt way…


It’s finally here:




Cortlandt Way cobbled sidewalk open to pedestrians:


From ABC7NYC news coverage.


Putting that new pavement to good use:


So I was looking at Earthcam tonight and had 2 questions (please click the pictures to see the larger sizes):

What happened to the uplights that they had here on the steel beams? They seemed to be turned off now?

Also, are these lights here or reflections?


The first photo, they do seem to be turned off. Second photo, that does not look like a reflection but actual lights at the top of each beams of metal clad in the indent


The lights on the beams have only been turned on around the lobby beams from what I’ve seen the last few nights I’ve walked by. As for the top I believe that is the permanent crown lighting.


Are they ever going to light those mechanical floors just below the crown? I hate seeing that dark ban of floors.


I keep hoping they will and I could have sworn I saw it lit in renders but multiple people on this thread said it’s not likely. I wish they would light them too like One.


I’d love to see those lights too, but let’s be honest, have we ever seen a tower that has decorative lighting in mechanical levels? I don’t think it’s going to happen, but we’ll see. It’s kinda just like One57 again


From Earthcam.

3WTC looking good this am. I wonder what is the deal with the missing window panel on the SE corner?


So mad they butchered this tower ugh. It still looks good though.


1 WTC has it on its mechanical floors directly above and below the observatory. Hoping at the very least they can try something like that.


It really would make a world of difference. I understand 4WTC only having the two lighting strips in the front. It reflects the minimalism of the tower.

But this building has lit cross-bracing all the way up and it kinda fizzles out with that dark space up top before the roof.

I would argue that the comm ring on the One should be lit too for the same visual reasons.


Passed the 3 World Trade Center just the other day!