NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


Oh boy just one left! I wouldn’t be surprised it it sat like that for another few weeks :joy:… in all seriousness though thank god today it will be all zipped up! Finally! Now on to replacing the few remaining broken windows and finishing the Church Street side walk…



So why do the occupied floors of 3wtc have shades but 4wtc, which has 100% occupancy, doesn’t have window shades? Am I missing something here? Does 4wtc have shades but they look different or something?


look at the bottom section of 4WTC. There are shades, the windows are just less transparent.
If you’re looking at the top part of 4, it is unoccupied, because Spotify never moved in…


Ok yea i think i can kind of see what you mean. I’ll have to take a closer look the next time I’m down there. Why did Spotify not move into the upper floors? A quick google search is only bringing up articles for when they signed on the space but nothing on backing out


I think they are moving in by the end of the year. I have seen new lights on their floors in a few recent photos, so they may have started building out their floors.


It’s dumb on their part because they’ve been paying for the space all this year


I don’t think so. They have a set date when they start the lease.

I found this picture of the new lights I was talking about.

These lights are on some of Spotify’s floors so I assume they are just starting to build out their space.



Fantastic photos! Spotify is in fact in the process of building our their space. About 1,000 employees will be moving in by years end.


Does anyone have photos of the “zipper?” I’m curious what is happening with it.


I’m making a gif of the zipper from the crane going down to the glass going back up


Closing up, literally one window left


Zipped up:

Source: Earthcam


Work is finally progressing on the bollard installation on the church street sidewalk. The final section to remain fenced in. Fingers crossed they finish this and open it up by years end.


Now I just need that Earthcam time lapse.


Gifs will be coming, @WTC_Fan_1998 is making them


Snapped a quick pic inside the fence:


Awesome shots!


Alright, everybody! The moment you’ve all been waiting for… 3 WTC Construction GIFs!!!

First off we have some glass rising along with the parapet rising (September-October 2016)

3 WTC Progress (December 2016)

And almost a whole year in progress, 3 WTC’s eastern facade completion (September 2017-August 2018)