NEW YORK | 3 World Trade Center | 1,079 FT | 68 FLOORS


It’s one of the Earthcams:

Edit: Here

There’s a few others from the same position that aim at 3WTC’s base, the Oculus, and the PAC.

The links take you to an archived image which is updated every 15 mins I think.




Looks like 8 floors left to fill in plus that little row at the mechanical floors.



We’re in the final stretch you guys! Just a few more floors of cladding, and then the building is complete.

Expect a couple homemade gifs that I’ve compiled from 2016, 2017, and 2018 that documents some of 3 WTC’s rise.
One is from mid to late 2016 of the parapet steel going up with some cladding rising
One is from late 2016 of the cladding rising on the western facade (until they removed the hudson river still camera)
One is from 2017-2018 of the eastern facade completing cladding along with the external elevator being removed with the ‘zipper’ being replaced.


I can’t say it’s complete until they light those mech floors. I hope it wasn’t scrapped. :triumph:


I have a feeling they did to put those lights only on the roof. Though I’d rather have the crown lit up rather that 2 mechanical floors become it makes sense to have the crown lit up for decoration. Imo


4 floors left to “zip up”.



Apparently there was no partial wall collapse but there was a worker injured on site…


If it’s exterior damage i can check it out later


Apparently there was an accident on the 46th floor.



At the rate they’re going, the windows will be done by lunchtime.


Almost there! Only this close to finishing


The top floor always takes a while because there is not a floor above to lower it from… they will most likely have to break out the BMU




That last set of windows :joy:


It’s like that set of mismatched panels on the W Hotel.

This is not a fun time for me :joy: